3rd year in the cancer journey

On October 22nd 2020, Sean will be hitting his 3rd year into the brain cancer journey. First and foremost, we are grateful that his treatment is still working, and he continues to thrive well against cancer. Sean is currently not busy with major doctors and hospital trips. However he is still having his weekly therapy in the Children’s Rehab.

Due to pandemic we canceled all our fundraising plans this year that supposed to fund our hospital project. However, that doesn’t mean we stopped doing our mission. Even with limited budget and amidst the pandemic, our mission of creating real smiles for other kids across the country didn’t stopped. We been sending our smiles bag across the country and we create basket of smiles for local ailing kids that come to our attention.

We currently have a mini virtual fundraising via our Facebook page-Smiles From Sean, and our drawing date is on October 24, 2020. Proceeds from this virtual raffle will fund our SFS mission.

For latest updates, please follow and keep checking our Facebook pages. Updates regarding our SFS mission are posted on our Smiles From Sean Facebook page while update regarding Sean’s cancer journey are posted on his Support and Smiles for Sean Facebook page.

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