In this page you will find information about various ways on how you can get involved with Smiles From Sean.

Below are lists of Smiles From Sean fundraising efforts:

Accepting monetary donation. Can either click the donate button in this website, send check payable to Smiles From Sean or via paypal:

Accepting food/gas gift card donation. We give these gift cards to families that have frequent trip to the hospital or seeking medical treatment for their child.

Accepting in-kind donation of new smiley items. Our main items are smiley pillows, emoji bags, smiley stress balls, and blankets.

Coin Collection. You can either donate your unwanted coin to Smiles From Sean, or you can also collect coins for Smiles From Sean. 50% of the coin collection proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Hospital to help families seeking treatment there.

Support Smiles From Sean via Amazon Smile.

Fundraise benefitting Smiles From Sean. We will greatly appreciate any fundraiser benefitting Smiles From Sean.