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Welcome to Smiles From Sean, where together we create smiles!

Smiles from Sean was established to honor Sean Rovers who had two bouts with pediatric brain cancer and wanted to bring smiles and help other families while navigating his own challenges!

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Smiles From Sean is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established to honor Sean Rovers who was diagnosed, with a rare type of pediatric brain cancer called Central Nervous System Sarcoma at age 9.

The name Smiles From Sean was derived from the fact that Sean bravely continues to smile even during the lowest points of his young life. He smiles despite the pain of surgery, despite long stays in the hospital, despite endless appointments and treatments, and despite not knowing what comes next.

Currently, Sean is a 2x pediatric brain cancer survivor and is hopeful that his Smiles From Sean endeavor will bring happiness and smiles to others.

Check out Sean Story to learn more about Sean’s cancer journey


Create smiles for children who have underlying medical conditions

Raise money to help for incidentals for other families while caring for their child in the hospital

Raise awareness about the importance of annual well-child visits.

Advocate for childhood cancer, and support cancer research for better treatment or cure

Check out our Mission page to learn more about our foundation in creating the Smiles From Sean 


Smiles From Sean has three major projects – Smiley KitEaster Baskets, and Children’s Hospital

Check out our projects page to learn more about the story behind these projects, and a gallery of our recipients, team volunteers and events.

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