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On August 22, 2019 Smiles from Sean team traveled to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and delivered the 2nd year of Smiles from Sean project. This year Smiles from Sean were able to put together 2-in-1 donations: the in kind donation and the monetary donation, to the Child Life of Children’s Hospital. Smiles from Sean donated an in-kind donation of 223 smiley pillows, 236 emoji draw string bags, 288 smiley stress balls, 52 emoji key chains. Sean also raised and donated $3885.55 to the Child Life.

August 22nd was such a memorable date for our hero Sean. Aside from being able to deliver his Smiles from Sean successfully, August 22nd was also his 22nd month into the brain cancer and childhood cancer journey.
It is a reminder that it has been 22 months fighting the unknown due to the rarity of his cancer type. It’s been 22 months of taking things one day a time. And it’s been 22 months since cancer changed Sean and his family’s lives.
August 22 2019, happens to be Sean’s baby brother 2nd birthday. So, what’s the connection between Sean’s journey and his baby brother’s birthday? We’ll it’s somewhat make us think the day of Sean’s diagnosis which was Oct 22 2017 and his baby brother was 2 months old. Isn’t it amazing how the numbers aligned? Is it a coincidence, or it is somewhat telling us something? Whatever it is, all we can hope that Sean can continue creating his smiles for the other patients in the Children’s Hospital.

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