SFS Creating Smiles during the Pandemic

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2021 Charity Project for Children’s Hospital

A year ago, the hospital stopped accepting the in-kind donation due to pandemic. We are now in 2021 where unfortunately pandemic protocol stay the same. However, the pandemic did not stopped Smiles From Sean from creating smiles for children with underlying medical condition who would otherwise feel alone and isolated because of their situation. Smiles from Sean started sending the smiley stress kit to children with medical issues throughout the United States instead of donating them to the hospital. But that doesn’t mean it also stopped our mission to help children and families staying in our local hospital. Smiles From Sean in fact up its work during the pandemic. Aside from sending the smiley stress kit across the United States, we also added an Easter project where we made Easter baskets for children with health issues in the metro Pittsburgh area. Smiles From Sean also kept its mission to continue helping children and families receiving medical care in the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. We continued our May coin drive that we started in 2019 where proceeds were donated to Children’s of Pittsburgh. This year with the community coming together during the pandemic, Smiles From Sean was able to raise and donated $7100 to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to help children and families receiving care in the hospital. Aside from monetary donation to the hospital, Smiles From Sean was also able to purchase power wheels to for the radiation oncology department of Children’s Hospital of
Pittsburgh to be used by cancer patients receiving radiation therapy treatment. The power wheels is honoring Sean and Kaylee Kruise- two cancer patients who met in the said radiation room in 2018, who coincidentally shared the same birthday. In addition, Smiles From Sean also purchased gift cards for the families staying in the oncology floor of the hospital.
Smiles from Sean thanks its supporters for their continued support. You all made it possible for us to continue creating more smiles amidst of the pandemic.


Link below is the WTAE news story of Smiles from Sean donation to Children’s Hospital last August 23:


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