5 Years Since the Diagnosis

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After being passed around from one specialist to another to another and to another for almost 6 months to figure out Sean’s unexplained weight loss, and a bloodwork that looks like he was bleeding somewhere internally. On October 22, 2017, Sean was put-on whole-body MRI, and that finally revealed what was wrong with our then 9-year-old son. However, it was the answer that as a parent caught as off guard, and one of our worst nightmares- “YOUR CHILD HAS A GOLF BALL SIZE TUMOR ON THE LINING OF HIS BRAIN”.

It has now been 5 years since Sean started his fight and changed his life forever. He had come a long way since that day, and while he is still currently fighting with what the disease and treatment left him, he never fails to amaze us with his big heart and smiles.


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